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Military Transport Truck

Military Transport Truck

There are a few experienced auto-transport companies that know how to ship military vehicles with ease and professionalism. Some offer regular discounts and offers in honor of the service by the military. Other auto transport firms are specific in their services and state that they only ship private vehicles of military personnel who are changing stations.

A need to relocate from the previous home base to one across the state is overwhelming and strenuous you and your family’s schedule. We recommend that you make a booking for the military transport truck to avoid last minutes expenses and allow the transportation firm time to give you the ultimate experience.

A military auto transport service includes several car types inclusive of the following:

  • SUVs,
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Heavy machinery
  • Motorcycles
  • Vans
  • Utility service vehicles

How to choose a military transport truck shipping company


A trustworthy shipping company will typically have at least one outstanding customer satisfaction rating on the Internet. The BBB is a well-known platform that will usually have commentaries from previous customers. Incline your choice towards one with an A+ rating and hundreds of five-star customer comments.


Do not book a shipping company that does not cover your car while it is in transit. The carrier must offer insurance against transport damage and contingent cargo insurance.

Mr. Car Shipper has $100k to $250k insurance covers, which qualify for at least $2500 deductibles. We manage the entire process of deductibles that acquits you from any responsibility of damage that occurs due to our fault. More importantly, we liaise with you to give a stress-free shipping process that minimizes the possibility of getting your car into an accident.

It is important to note that car-shipping companies do not cover valuables and sentimental items in your car. Avoid the complications by including them in your bag instead of the vehicle.


Shipping a military car or a personal one depends on several cost determinant factors. While the standard shipping fee is evident to the customer, they may be oblivious to additional charges that apply to modified military vehicles. These cars take up more space in containers and transport trucks; hence they reduce the space that would fit an additional small car.

What is the standard duration or military auto transport?

The estimated time of delivery depends on the distance between the origin and the destination. Each delivery is unique, and the duration can last longer than the estimated time.

Requirements for transporting POV military vehicles

Auto-transport companies include several rules to regulate transportation, so they are in a position to offer better legal protection. There are the most fundamental rules:

  • The vehicles must have the right conditions to allow them to self-propel on public highways
  • The car should have proper documentation of the client’s ownership or lease. It is also possible for the auto transport firm to consider a dependent as the sole person responsible for the cars when they prove their connection to the military client.
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Military Transport Truck Military Transport Truck
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