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  • Mr. Car Shipper has Insurance that protects your car called Contingent Cargo Insurance.  We don't rely on the truck driver's insurance to provide adequate coverage.
  • Mr. Car Shipper doesn't play the "bait and switch" pricing games that many brokers in the industry are known for.
  • Mr. Car Shipper has dispatchers available nights and weekends if you have an issue with your delivery.
  •  Mr. Car Shipper has an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Mr. Car Shipper has a real office in Omaha, Nebraska with a real staff of people.  Many brokers have 1-3 people that work out of a home or apartment.  (See our Google Business Listing HERE). 
  •  Mr. Car Shipper manages your shipment from quote to delivery.   Most brokers just match you with a driver and disappear as soon as the order is placed with a driver.
  •  Mr. Car Shipper has protections in place for you if your car sustains damage.  Most damages do not qualify for insurance claims.  With Mr. Car Shipper, your risk is significantly reduced because of our protections.

Military Car Shipping

Military Car Shipping

Military car shipping

A Permanent Change of Station can be tough on any family. But when Uncle Sam calls, there’s no other option but to answer. While the government tries to provide the required assistance for personnel that needs to move, a lot of service members still face some challenges here and there. One of the common problems is how to move your vehicle, especially if there’s more than one. If you or anyone you know is currently in this situation, Mr. Car Shipper, a foremost military car shipping company in America, is always ready to assist you.

What kind of car can your company help me ship?

Any military car shipping company worth their salt should be able to haul just about anything, and Mr. Car Shipper is one of the best in the business. We ship anything ranging from cars to SUVs to Minivans to Pickup trucks. We also deal with ATVs, motorcycles, and Jet Skis. As long as it has an engine and wheels, there is a high chance we can help you ship it to your new station.

Where can I pick up my vehicle?

Usually, we arrange to pick up and deliver at the desired military base. However, you need to check in with the base commanders before we can do this. Some commanders do not permit shipping companies to deliver cars in their stations. In fact, most commanders won’t. What we do in such cases is to deliver the vehicle as close to the base as possible. If there’s a mall or some other public space that’s not too far from the base, our drivers may also arrange to meet you there.

In the event that you prefer to have us pick up and deliver the car to your house address outside the military station, we can help you arrange that too. Whatever you do, you safety and convenience and comfort will remain a top priority for us.

Is my car insured during shipping?

As with anything that has to do with insurance, there are a lot of nuances, and fine prints car owners need to be aware of when it comes to cargo insurance. However, we can guarantee that your car is doubly insured when you work with us at Mr. Car Shipper. First, we only work with carriers that have a minimum of $100,000 of coverage per vehicle. To provide even more cover, we also maintain our insurance coverage that guarantees another $100,000 per vehicle. We’re proud to be among the less than 10% of brokers that provide such comprehensive coverage.

Contact us for your military car shipping needs

Military car shipping is one of our specialties at Mr. Car Shipper, and we have a dedicated department that handles the car shipping needs of our gallant heroes. Our company picks up and delivers to your desired military base, saving you extra stress while moving. Even though we may not be able to enter the base ourselves, we arrange our drivers to meet you as close to the entrance as possible. We can also arrange to meet you in a mall or some other public place that’s convenient for both of us. Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help.


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Military Car Shipping Military Car Shipping
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